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Our Extras!


Our Extras!

A selection of extras that turn any experience into something truly unique!

We offer extra services that can make your experience perfect.

  • A vacation trailer stay in the wild.
  • An airsoft station at a big event and an ODT activity with your group, with 2-10 shooting stations, you can add an exciting element to any event across Israel.
  • Collecting and transporting bicycles at the end or the beginning of a cycling track. Up to 150 pairs of your bikes can be transported to any point in Israel.
  • Escorting multi-day bicycle trips, including bicycle mechanics, escort vehicles, trailing and refresher station administrations and spare parts.
  • Transportation ATVs and rescue from the Jerusalem Hills and surrounding areas.
  • Guidance and tours: guided tours to the Jerusalem Hills springs, tasting trips to Mahane Yehuda Market and more.
  • 4WD for rescuing in complex terrain on snowy days.
  • Tourist 4WD transportation.
  • Field managers, equipment, water and food transportation. Providing an easy-operated generator, assembling a bonfire.
  • Easy off-road truck to transport equipment in the field for various outdoor events and productions.
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  • Bicycle learning lessons.
  • Gift certificates for all our activities