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Outdoor Chef meals

A variety of traditional stone "Tabun" oven meals


A Culinary adventure!

After years of experience in field trips, we have completed the sequence of pleasure by enriching the experience and that is the food.

FOOD TRUCK-style food trailer with a professional chef for a dining experience of restaurants in the field

Metzok brings you a 500-year-old food culture that has been preserved for many generations in Spain. On the cliff a selection of outdoor meals that are baked in a stone oven – the tabon. The traditional stone tabon is removed using various citrus, olive and walnut trees, which infuses the food with a special flavor and adds an aroma to the flavor of the baked goods.

The smell and taste obtained from burning these trees, adds to the food its special taste as a kind of additional spice. We come with the tabon to any point in the center of the country. We will spread the meal for you in the field as part of a fun day, launches and events or as an additional attraction for any event. The food is baked and made on the spot, fresh and hot in front of our customers and by combining these ingredients.

The price is for a minimum of 20 diners or cash on delivery