ATVַ & jeep tours

ATV and Jeeps trips
ATV trips in Jerusalem: Tomcars and rangers;
Tomcar – an off road vehicle with a particularly high off road passability without any risk of the passengers, because the vehicle has separate suspension,  safety cage and safety belts. It is a SBS two-seat vehicle reaching speeds of 70 km/h, the vehicle has an automatic transmission, and Tomcar is easy to operate -for maximum pleasure and minimum risk. Tomcar can be driven in any weather.  The vehicle is open in summer, and can be closed in winter. Its off road passability is perfect for any off road conditions – mud, snow, rain, rocks. It passes through everything without any effort. For adrenaline enthusiasts.
Tomcars are also available for family trips (4 people in a vehicle). It is particularly suitable for those who do not want to drive or have children.
Jeeps tours throughout the country for groups and individuals can be arranged by appointment. Closed air-conditioned jeeps with 6 to 8 passengers in the vehicle or open jeep which enhances the off road experience with a lot of dust and wind in the face and safari vehicles containing about 40 passengers, including guidance.
* Driving is subject to a valid driver's license and over a year of driving experience.
* The route includes a leading guide who gives you tips on driving and explanations about the environment. Maximum off road and maximum dust, therefore please dress accordingly.
* Rates are subject to minimum of 2 vehicles and more. It is possible to go with one vehicle only, on the short track with the addition of 90 NIS.
* Our vehicles are ATV of "Tomcar" type, the vehicle is a blue and white production used for military purposes in difficult off road conditions. Blue and white product.

Price list for trips in Aminadav forest near Jerusalem:
Price for an hour and fifteen minutes  –  370 NIS for a double vehicle.
Two hours and fifteen minutes –  570 NIS for a double vehicle.
5 hours with a stop in a meat restaurant –   990 NIS including lunch for a couple.
2 days trip including 4 meals, guidance and accommodation – 2,799 NIS for a couple.