Food trucks

An off road meal in a tabun oven
After years of experience on off road trips, we have completed the enjoyment sequence by enriching the experience, which is the food.
Cliff brings you food culture of 500 years which has been preserved for many generations in Spain. In Cliff there is a selection of off road meals which are baked in a stone oven – the taboon. The traditional stone taboon oven is a heated stone via citrus trees, olive and walnut trees of all kinds, which induces the food a special flavor and adds aroma flavor to the pastries.
The smell and taste resulting from the combustion of these trees, adds a special taste, sort of as an extra spice to the food. We arrive with the taboon to any point in the country, we'll organize the meal in the field as a part of a fun day, launches and events or as an additional attraction for any event. The food is baked and made on site, fresh and hot in front of our customers and by the combination of these elements.
A few menus can be selected: breakfast, lunch and dinner.